How To Pass Your Nevada Driving Test

Tips and video tutorials to help you pass the first time.
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Frequently asked questions about passing the Nevada driving test

Do I need to bring the school attendance document to the Nevada driving test?

No you only need that when applying for the Nevada learner's permit

Can Nevada Drive Academy take me to my Nevada driving test?

Yes, we can pick you up and practice beforehand. You can also use our vehicle. Your parent(s) can meet us when we check in.

How long is the Nevada driving test?

Here in Nevada the driving test averages 20-30 minutes.

Do I drive on the freeway during the Nevada driving test?

Freeway driving is not a Nevada DMV requirement.

Is parallel parking on the Nevada driving test?

Parallel parking is no longer part of the Nevada driving test.
Meet the instructor

Jeff Garrett

Jeff Garrett is a State of Nevada licensed
 DMV Driving Instructor and Educator
Patrick Jones - Course author